MUNICH: The Heart of Bavaria

Flights:  The best thing for Ankara residents, Lufthansa has a direct flight from Ankara to Munich. Of course, there are more options from İstanbul also.

Transportation from Munich International Airport (Muc) to city center: There are various options, bus, train, taxi and shuttle. We preferred bus where stops just outside the terminal 1, cross of the street. Bus number 1 directly goes to Munich main train station. It departures every 20 minutes. One-way ticket is 10 Euros; roundtrip tickets are 17 Euros. Tickets can be bought from driver on the bus. It takes about 45 minutes.

Accommodations: If you are planning a tourist trip, arrange a place close to main train station (hauptbahnhauf) or Old City (called Alt Stadt). Also, due to great public transportation network, all neighbourhouds are easily connected. Price are for all type of budgets. We stayed in Andi Statdhotel because it was one of the hotel offers room for three persons next to main train station. The free wifi, open buffet breakfast and location was satisfying.

Tourist Attractions in Munich: As the capital of Bavarian region and the center of Oktoberfest, Munich shares the top two with Berlin as the most visited cities in Germany. The Munich city is founded around 1150 but most of the buildings had been destroyed during the WWII. However, it is still impressing to see Alt Stadt and enjoy Munich lifestyle.

munich7If you prefer to go there out of Oktoberfest, (Click link to reach our Octoberfest page) 2-3 days will be enough to see the most of the tourist attractions and to taste some (never possible for all:) German beers. But if you search for a relaxing holiday under the sunny days or experiencing Munich nightlife, it might be possible to extend the vacation in Munich to have nude sunbath in English Garden. In case of you don’t have enough courage, I recommend more German beers.

The most significant places and attractions are in the Old City part where is between the main train station and English Garden. New and Old Town Halls & Clock (Rathaus & Glockenspiel), Fraunenkirsche, Hotel Torbrau, Residence, Marienplatz, Karlplatz, Odeanplatz, Virtuelienmarket, Hofgarten and most famous Beer Halls (such as Hofbrauhaus and Augustiner) are around the Alt Stadt. Joining a walking or bicycle tour which lasts around 90-120 minutes are one of the good options to see all in a day. I may also recommend to plan and have your own walking tour as I did starting from English Garden or Karplatz.


Old Town had been originally surrounded by a series of Medieval walls of which few still stands such as Sendlinger Gate and Isator. You may also see them in a walking tour in the Old City.

Germany-dresdenThe well known famous activity in the Bavarian region in general, Munich in particular, is hanging out in a Beer hall where are mostly the historical and cultural places. Their foundations went back to the 1200-1300s. They serve both German plates and beers. The important feature of these halls is the local draft beers they produce on their name. For instance, Augustiner serve Augustiner beers (weiss or gold), Hofbrauhaus have Hofbrauhaus beers (dark, original or weiss) or Fransizkaner serve Fransizkaner beers. You may also have the coaster belongs to each beer brand or beer halls. It is evident that Munich welcomes dozens of Beer halls but most traditional and famous ones are Augustiner Beer Hall in Karlplatz and HofBrauhaus in Viktualienmarket.

munich4Particularly Hofbrauhaus is very touristic and famous one because firstly, it reflects the traditional Beer Hall culture of Bavaria. Secondly, it is the Beer Hall where Hitler had given his first speech to the Nazi Party. If you have a stop in there, I should recommend you see the second floor where a small free exhibition hall can be visited. Also, , you might enjoy a seat in the inside garden of Augustiner Beer Hall. Moreover, for a luxury place, you may also try Sapprun Restaurant in the Residence Theatre square. Prices are high but quality is good. Munichens prefer to have a snack here after a concert or play.

munich2Recommendations for Augustiner Beer Hall: Goulash Soup, breeze (prefetze), Bavarian style duck, daily menu and of course Augustiner beers. Prices are 10-25 euros per person.

Recommendations for Hofbrauhaus: Bratwurst, breeze, daily menu and Hofbrauhaus 1 litre dunken beers. Price for one person is around 10-25 euros.

Recommendations for Sapprun: Mixed Mediterranean Fish plate, Goat cheese salad and beers. Prices are 30-45 Euros per person.

New Rathaus (Town Hall) is also another touristic attraction that should be visited. It is located near to Marienplatz and Viktualinermarket. Similar to the Astrological Clock in Prague, there is a clock (Glockenspiel) in the top of the Town Hall which strikes 11 am, 12 pm and 5 pm with the dancing figurines like a musical box. It is also interesting that the Old Town Hall, next to new one is one of the few building which had not destroyed during WWII.


English Garden: It is the biggest garden in Europe which doubles the size of Hyde Park and Central Park. In the center of the garden, the Chinese tower and beer garden welcomes you. Cycling, jogging, surfing or sunbath are the popular activities. Yes, you heard right, “surfing”. At the entrance next to Haus der Kunt (Art Museum) a surfing place had been constructed in the river.

Viktualienmarket: It is a market place for drinking and eating like a local. You choose what you want to eat from market windows. Prices are good. It is one of my favorite points in Munich.

Hotel Torbrau: This hotel is known as the place where Hitler formed his secret SS army.

In addition to these historical see sightings in Old City, and English Garden there are also few famous and interesting activities, museums and places to be visited such as the Alte Pinothek, Deutsche Museum, Alte Botanishe Garden, Allianz Arena, BMW Welt and Olympia park.

munich10Day trips are also another options who plan to spend more than 2 days in Munich. Particularly, Neuschwanstein Castle and Dachau Concentration Camp are couldn’t been missed. Daily tours are also offered but we went there by ourselves.

Neuschwanstein Castle is the most preferable day trip where is located in Fussen, outside of Munich with a 2-hr train ride.

The famous phase in the entrance of Dachau Concentration Camp “Arbeit macht frei!” (Working Makes You Free” is dreadful when you see the inside and think of the life here in the time of WWII. We went there by car. It takes a half day trip.

Tricks/ Recommendation:

  • Stay close to main train Station or metro lines.
  • There are mobile applications which offers you offline Munich map with GPS and Munich Public Transportation Map.
  • In Rathaus, main train station and some touristic areas there are Free Wi-fi Spot. Starbucks also offers free wi-fi access.
  • Try to be in the Rathaus Clock at 11 am, 12 am or 5 pm to see the show.

Try local foods in Virtuelianmarket.

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